About Zandman

zandman escaped the womb creating music. After a great start the early years for zandman were filled with clarinet misery and classical guitar hardships. When all seemed lost, zandman discovered his skill with a Triangle, but his solo Triangle concerts were met with blank reactions. Clearly the world was not ready for such music.

At fifteen, zandman decided to change direction, but how? In a personal revelation, zandman picked up his first electric guitar. His future was sealed, and so, zandman disappeared. Some say he travelled the world, others that he travelled inwards, merging with his music. Neither were true. Years later zandman emerged from his bedroom in desperate need of a shower, but also with mad guitar skills!

Influenced by the likes of Parkway Drive, August Burns Red and Trivium. Forming a metal band became his path. Fate unfortunately had other plans and the band never came to be. zandman turned to composing and producing. He took influences from an array of artists within different genres such as deadmau5, Avicii, Afrojack, Skrillex, Pendulum, Netsky and Daft Punk.

zandman now creates house, dubstep and drum and bass, and in this he continues to grow.